Fealinx Biomedical helps its customers in setting up their data flows, from data collection to analysis and reporting.

In close collaboration with research laboratories, we design and develop customized tools tailored to researchers’ needs.

Our engineers and consultants have extensive experience with research data in general, and with imaging data in particular (MRI, PET scan, CT, US, etc.).

With over 20 years’ experience in the industrial world, our teams’ mission is to pass on their know-how from industrial best practices for your day-to-day lab activities.

We focus on the processes that are most important to your research institution, ensuring that you have full control over them, and implementing advanced technologies that will benefit your research objectives.

On a daily basis, we manage data from several research projects (SHIVAPsyCAREPACIFIC) to feed their DataWarehouses we deployed.

Our generic BMS-LM data model, specially designed to manage research data, enables and facilitates data reuse in the medium and long term.

Our expertise covers the following three areas:

  • Specification of data flows and data collection
  • We work with researchers, who are responsible for data collection, to provide them with the software tools they need to collect and structure their data. We contribute to the drafting of DMPs (Data Management Plans) and PIAs (Privacy Impact Assessments), as well as to the declaration of research projects to the CNIL. Our contribution enables our clients to automate and standardize data flows in biomedical research studies as far as possible, while respecting the specificities of clinical and biomedical research in terms of: consent management, pseudonymization, secure data flows, use of HDS platforms (Health Data Hosting), changing research needs and hypotheses.

  • Traceability, organization and data management
  • Our SWOMed software offers a wide range of functions dealing with data traceability, management and quality. It makes it possible to trace the various uses of research data, to manage access rights to these data, to annotate them for enrichment or classification, to make multi-source data interoperable, and to make them durable and reusable in the long term. It is derived from industry standards, with their quality and performance requirements, and can be deployed in full or in part according to researchers’ needs.

  • Data analysis and processing
  • In collaboration with our partner research centers, we develop artificial intelligence models for processing research data. Our algorithms and models for analyzing neuroimaging data are currently published publicly on GitHub. We also provide SWOAI, a software solution, deployed at the request of customers, which enables data to be processed and analyzed in situ. Depending on the researcher’s profile, we offer graphical tools for rapid data analysis, or tools for writing code with Python and/or R. All deployed on a secure HDS server, and respecting data access rights (managed by SWOMed software, our two software solutions communicate transparently for users).

To find out more, contact us for a demo or to discuss your specific needs.